45 Minutes $65
60 Minutes $90



45 Minutes $55
60 Minutes $70
90 Minutes $110


30 Minutes $35
60 Minutes $70


30 Minutes $35
60 Minutes $70

What is Therapeutic Massage?

 According to “Therapeutic massage involves the manipulation of the soft tissue structures of the body to prevent and alleviate pain, discomfort, muscle spasm, and stress; and, to promote health and wellness.”

 This definition allows for broad interpretation. When you schedule a session with Mandy, whether you are looking for relaxation, dealing with low back pain or neck and shoulder issues-you can expect a therapeutic massage. She begins your visit with a complete health history and intake in order to assess your needs and expectations. Your session will be tailored to meet your needs. Your massage may require extra attention in certain areas or full body stress relief. You can be assured that the bodywork you receive is unique to you and has the intention of your highest well-being at its core.


 What is Deep Tissue Massage?

 Most people believe deep tissue to simply mean deep pressure. And while this is part of the equation, there is a little more involved in the actual technique. Deep Tissue is not usually meant for a full body session, but instead to a specific area that needs attention at the deepest layer of muscle. It requires an approach of slow and specific intention to soften the superficial muscles and fascia surrounding the area of concern. It should be noted that often times a Deep Tissue massage will not involve full body work.


 What are Hand and Forearm or Foot and Leg Massage?

 These services are offered as a specialty for those looking for specific attention to their upper and lower extremities. It is not necessary to disrobe for these appointments, but it is requested that you wear loose clothing that allows for access to the areas being worked. You can expect complete attention to all of the intricate muscles you use everyday. It is not uncommon for people who receive this work for the first time to respond that they never even knew they were sore until someone started working on them.


 What is Chair Massage?

 Chair massage is offered as a service for those looking for bodywork but may not feel comfortable in the tradition massage setting. During a session you will be fully clothed and a minimal amount of lotion may be used on your hands and forearms. Typically you will receive back, neck, shoulder, hand and arm massage as the chair limits the accessibility to the lower extremities.